Cranes & Overhead Handling

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Crane Systems Australia

Cranes and overhead handling systems are a key addition to many industrial workplaces across Australia.  Crane systems in Australia are an effective goods lifting and transportation system which aid in creating a more efficient and safe workplace. Total Lifting Solutions provide both portable crane lifting equipment as well as ceiling mounted crane systems. These crane systems are durable, easy to maintain and allow for the safe handling of raw or dangerous materials as well as safe transportation from one location to another within the workplace.

Overhead hoists are a staple product within the automobile industry. This style of crane lifting equipment is best used for lifting or relocating any goods which exceed the safe weight limits for manual handling. Overhead crane systems are best used for the lifting and moving of extremely heavy and bulky items. Through the implementation of crane lifting equipment, loads are transported through the overhead space of a facility, maximising floor space and also greatly reducing the chances of injury or damage through usual manual handling or pallet lifting equipment.

Crane systems in Australia allow your business to reduce labour expenses by removing the need for multiple forklift drivers. Some crane systems can be either automatic or controlled by as little as a single person. The cost of a ceiling crane system is often offset by the savings achieved through its operation. Used in conjunction with other industrial lifting equipment such as goods lifts, crane lifting equipment can ease the physical workload as well as help the budget of your business. Contact us to discuss any of our crane and hoist systems listed below.