G Force Q Series

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Our Newest G-Force® Q/iQ Models Now Available in 75kg, 150kg and 300kg

Gorbel has expanded our line of G-Force® Q and iQ Intelligent Lifting Devices to include 2 new capacities.  The Q and iQ design is now available in 75 and 150 kg capacities, in addition to the existing 300 kg capacity. 

The new G-Force® Q and iQ 165, 330, and 660 units offer a wealth of new design elements and software features to improve both function and reliability.

  • Modular Design for Increased Flexibility: The new G-Force® Q and iQ units have a modular design, making them easier to add on functionality or change handle configurations to meet the changing needs of your application. 
  • On-Board Diagnostics for Easier Maintenance: The new G-Force® has on-board diagnostics to help you keep your unit operating at peak performance.  It even has Preventive Maintenance indicators, programmed to alert maintenance people when regular wear items like wire ropes need replacement, or when the unit is due for inspection.
  • New Operator Present Function: We replaced the operator present switch on the handle with a photo sensor, making the G-Force® more intuitive to operators.
  • New Handle Design: The new G-Force® Q and iQ comes with a new handle that is more ergonomic and features a standard LCD display that better communicates information, including operation modes, programming menus, fault codes, diagnostic information, and weight readout.
  • G360 Electric/Air Swivel: The G360™ patented swivel assembly allows the handle of the G-Force® to rotate without twisting the coil cord in applications where the operator is continuously rotating the handle.