Shutter Lifter

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Battery Electric Mausoleum Shutter/Coffin Transfer Unit


This unit is a uniquely designed unit to help in the safe handling of the shutters on the face of Mausoleum walls.

The removable vacuum attachment is designed to handle all sizes of shutters from singles to large couch units. It has eight vacuum cups fitted with all eight adjustable to be able to be placed onto the shutter no matter where the inscriptions are. The four outside width cups are completely removable so that the unit can get into the tight spaces that the single shutters sometimes occupy.


Each vacuum cup is fitted with a vacuum locking system to trap in the air with the four inner cups monitored to ensure that there is vacuum pressure at all times. The unique vacuum system set up has dual compressors that feed into an air storage tank that is fitted to a air gauge and light tower so that the operator is fully aware of what the vacuum system is doing at all times.

The vacuum carriage is fitted with side shift as well as level swivel to ensure that the shutter is always in the right position for removal and replacement. There is also an electric tilt mechanism to tilt the shutter as required during the removal/replacement stage which is designed to remove both the roset and lip shutters.

The vacuum on is controlled by a wireless remote which  operates the tilt function, vacuum on, mast shift forward and back, slow raise and lower.  To disengage the vacuum there is a two button set up which requires two hands to disengage the vacuum.

The vacuum attachment is designed to be removable and placed into a special storage trolley whilst not in use.

Coffin Transfer Attachment

The coffin transfer attachment is also fully removable ad has in built wheels fitted to it so that when it is removed from the unit it can be wheeled away for storage.

The transfer bed is fitted with multi directional Rotacasters which a powered in the longitudinal direction to facilitate the transfer of coffins into the crypts. This is controlled by the wireless remote control so that there are no interfering wires leading up to the transfer bed.

The transfer of coffins into the couch set up is done manually by pushing the coffin across the multi directional rollers.

As the rollers are driven this also acts as a brake to hold the coffin in place until the transfer is required.
The unit can come in a manual push and power drive with stepless speed control, this allows the unit to be operated on sloping surfacers.