Simplifying Our Success With Odoo and The SAM Smart CRM

As TLS has continued to grow we have built our business management system using the Odoo Business Management System. As part of the SME Business Support Group we have extended Odoo's capacity and enhanced our systems to make in effect, everything as simple as possible. The training links below may take you to specific TLS training areas, or possibly the SME Business Support training area. Either way, our goal is to simplify and standardise so we can continue to scale up our business.

Sales CRM

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Website Management

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Maintenance Management

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Settings & Configuration

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Contact Management

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Accounts Management

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Projects Management

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Total Lifting Solutions are providers of quality industrial lifting equipment throughout Australia. We provide goods lifting equipment to various industries across the country. We are backed by years of experience in the lifting and materials handling industry and great relationships with our customers and suppliers. We supply some of the most recognised brands in the goods lifting equipment industry in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, etc. and throughout Australia as well. 

We supply crane systems and pallet lifting equipment across Australia, servicing some of the largest warehousing and manufacturing businesses in the country. Our goods lifts and goods hoist lift systems are ideal for providing users with a solution to transferring goods between heights and levels. Goods hoist lifts can be used in warehouses, distribution centres, factories, car dealerships as well as in the self-storage industry. Goods lifts can improve the productivity and safety of your business whilst still being cost effective.

Total Lifting Solutions specialises in the following lifting equipment:

  • Cranes & Overhead Handling

  • Goods Hoists

  • Goods Lifts

  • Lifting & Handling

  • Industrial Towing

  • Scissor Platforms

  • Pallet Handling & Wrapping

  • Forklifts & Attachments

  • Pneumatics