Ezy Lift Inspections

Designed for simplicity

The Ezy Lift Goods lift has been designed to be as simple as possible throughout the complete manufacturing and after sales routine inspection service.

As part of our design philosophy the Ezy Lift Goods Lift was created using high quality SEW Eurodrive technology working in conjunction with a load balancing counter-weight.

The EDGE Controller (If fitted) is an advanced programming module bringing us into alignment with IOT (Internet Of Things) technology.

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Inspection Points

External Inspection Points

All Doors

  1. No damage to guide tracks

  2. Operate smoothly with no jamming in the up nor down direction.

Control Panel

  1. No visual signs of damage.

  2. Review and note Ezy Lift frequency of use counter.

Lift Shaft Inspection Points

Shaft Cleanliness

  1. Remove any rubbish identified in the lift shaft.


  1. Grease all roller bearings.

  2. Lubricate roller chain across it's running area, (If utilised).

Drive Chain or Belt Tension

  1. Gauge equal tension is across all for suspension points.

  2. Ensure load carrying nuts and adjustment bolts are correctly tightened.