Pallet Handling & Wrapping

Pallet handling and wrapping is inevitable within the manufacturing, warehousing and logistics sector. Pallet lifting equipment within these industries is necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and the goods themselves. Manual or electrical pallet truck lifting equipment are easy to use and do not require extensive training. This means that your workplace can see immediate benefits from the introduction of pallet truck lifting equipment.

As well as pallet truck lifting equipment, we also offer a range of products to aid in the wrapping and inverting of goods on pallets. Our pallet inverters allow you to rotate goods in a safe easy way, minimising double handling and reducing the risk of workplace injury. Our series of pallet wrappers also lessen the risk of costly back injury as well as drastically reducing the time consuming process of pallet shrink wrapping.

All our industrial lifting equipment, including the goods hoist lift and crane lifting equipment add to the value and efficiency of a large warehouse and logistics workplace. These products can easily be paired with our pallet lifting equipment to really streamline your goods movement and receivables processes.

Pallet lifting equipment is essential to the productivity and safety of your workplace. At Total Lifting Solutions we aim to offer a variety of products that will enhance your workplace and goods movement. We offer products to suit all business budgets, providing pallet lifting equipment to as many businesses as possible.

Explore our range or contact our team to discuss the benefits of implementing pallet lifting equipment into your workplace today.

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