Good Hoists

TLS features the modular Australian design of the Goods Hoist or Goods Lifts that provide users with a simple solution for transferring goods between different heights and floors. The goods hoists in NSW, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia has multi level applications and is popular in warehouses, distribution centres, factories, car dealerships, self storage, and mezzanine floors.

Total Lifting Solutions have Goods Hoists available in 2 model ranges:

1. Column (rail) mounted Goods Hoists

2. Scissor lifts Goods Hoists

The mechanism used in Column mounted or rail mounted goods hoists makes it ideal for smaller footprint, minimal pit requirement, its design allows external or internal installation, and it is a low cost alternative to traditional lifts equipments. These lifts use a column mounted to the freight hoist skeleton to attach and elevate the lifting platform. These goods hoists are not suited for loads greater than 4 pallets.

The scissor lifts goods hoists or goods lifts uses scissor mechanism to support the platform and a hydraulic power unit to elevate it. This makes these goods lifts are robust and cost effective and are favourable for large capacity - up to 10 pallets. The custom deck sizes are available but these goods hoists needs deeper pit than column lifts and not suitable for small lift footprint.

Both the above models can be installed as either free standing or can be fitted into an existing shaft. The column lifts can be 1, 2 or 4 pallet capacity that can go up to 12 meters high. And Scissor lifts can carry up to 10 pallets. 

Both the goods hoists are designed well in compliance with Australian Design Standards and are available with multiple door configurations. The control board provides the maintenance and diagnostic feedback.

Light Capacity Goods Lift
Goods Hoist
Freight Hoist Heavy Duty
Bin Lift Unit